Advertise with Railroad Square Cinema

A. Business card-sized ad in the print film guide

  • 5,000 copies, mailed to our members and available every day at Railroad Square Cinema

  • 8 print runs per year

  • Limit: 12 print ads per cycle

$90 per cycle
(every 6 weeks)


B. On-screen slide in pre-film slideshow*

  • 70+ screenings per week

  • Final ad** must be provided as a high-resolution PDF, TIFF, or JPG

  • Ad to appear at least once per screening for 15 seconds. Slideshows begin 15 minutes prior to showtime.

C. Combination ad (a & B)

$90 per cycle
(every 6 weeks)


$150 per cycle
(every 6 weeks)

D. Video spot*

  • 70+ screenings per week

  • Length: 30 seconds maximum

  • Final video** must be provided at least one week in advance of start date in one of the following formats: .MOV, Blu-Ray, DVD

  • Limit: 2 advertisers per week

$100 per week
(every 6 weeks)

* Slides and video spots will appear before all regular film screenings; they may not appear before special events.
** The Maine Film Center reserves the right to reject any advertisement.

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Mailing Address
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For more information, please contact:
Alan Sanborn, Theater Manager, Railroad Square Cinema
(207) 873-4021