Art in the Lobby

For the Love of Glass: A solo Exhibition

works by Burke Long

February 21 - April 3, 2018


The Photographs

Some years ago, while making pictures in Chicago’s 19th century Fine Arts Building, I discovered a series of closed doors, each one fitted in its top half with decorative, etched glass. Light streaming from interior space behind one door set off floral patterns in bold, yet delicately transparent relief. 

“First light”, I thought, imagining the hands of an artisan-creator as she engraved this surface more than a hundred years ago. Despite its beautiful translucence, the glass seemed both an impenetrable barrier (note the ADT Security Systems marker) and an invitation to enter. Light lured me in. The semi-opaque surface kept me out. I responded not to the barrier, but to the invitation, and made the photograph, “First Light.” 

This unexpected discovery inspired an ongoing photographic exploration of abstract images based on photographs of glass in its many forms—etched, smooth, cracked, intact, blown and twirled into shapely vessels, saturated with swirls of color, painted with light and shadow. I challenge the impression that glass objects are more or less permanent, though of course we know that they can turn to liquid or shatter. 

By creating visual texture and layered dimensionality in a series of digital images, I invite a viewer to forget the surface materiality of glass and enter imaginative worlds of movement, light, color, and shadow. 

The Artist

Burke Long studied photography with Thurston Howes and Elizabeth Bieber at the Maine College of Art. He has shown his work in juried exhibitions such as the annual Maine Photography Show (juror, Tillman Crane); the Harlow Gallery (juror, Bruce Brown); Joy of the Lens at the Topsham Public Library; and Maine College of Art. In 2014, Gallery Framing in Brunswick hosted a solo exhibition, “Questioning Surface Appearances.”

He may be contacted at or (207) 725-8920.

  "Fire Suite 5" Archival inkjet print. Burke Long.

"Fire Suite 5" Archival inkjet print. Burke Long.

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