Art in the Lobby

Susan Mills: Shamanic arts

June 6 - july 9, 2018

Artist Statement

My art is inspired by nature, by the physical world and the world of spirit. It is my way of recording my inner journey and embodies my search for a new myth, a metaphor that pierces the illusion of separation by honoring and illuminating both the visible and invisible realms. Healing the split between our inner and outer worlds, our bodies and souls, we heal both ourselves and our planet. We are all individuals, yet we are all connected. When one of us takes a journey, it affects us all.

I continue to explore a spiritual practice that includes shamanic journeys and meditations. I see these as “Night Travels” as they delve into the Darkness, which I see as being the Mystery where we all meet in Spirit.


About Art in the Lobby

The Call for Art in the Lobby 2017-18 is currently closed. Please check this page later for updates.

Art in the Lobby provides an opportunity for Maine visual artists of various ages, media, and styles to exhibit their work in a high-profile venue. We are committed to the promotion and incorporation of visual arts into our programs and venues, and we are excited to pursue new, multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships.

Each year, a Call to Artists will be open to artists residing in Maine. All work must be original and ready to be presented in a professional manner to the public at the time of delivery.

An exhibition may include one artist or a combination of artists. Eight exhibitions will be included in this time period. Each exhibition will last 5-6 weeks. All applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee. The committee strongly encourages thoughtful group exhibition proposals. The committee may also recommend the combining of one or more proposals. Artists who have applied in the past may re-apply but must submit a new proposal. Decisions will be announced mid-September.

The Maine Film Center will retain a 30% commission on all sales. All sales must go through the Maine Film Center. All sold works must remain on exhibit until the end of the show.

Artists are responsible for delivering their work to Railroad Square Cinema and picking up their work at the end of the show. The Maine Film Center will be responsible for the insurance of work on the premises, and Railroad Square Cinema is equipped with an alarm system.

The Maine Film Center will promote each exhibition via the Maine Film Center and Railroad Square Cinema websites (, Facebook pages, and various marketing materials. All press releases and marketing done by the artist must be approved by the Maine Film Center Executive Director.

All work entered will be considered available for promoting both the exhibition and the Art in the Lobby program as a whole. The Maine Film Center will host an artist reception at the cinema if the artist is interested.