The Searchers (1956)

Saturday, February 2, 2019
5:30 P.M.
Strand theatre

345 Main St., Rockland, Maine

Presented with the Farnsworth Art Museum

Michael Komanecky, chief curator of Farnsworth Art Museum, will discuss contemporary Maine artists John Ford and painter W. Herbert “Buck” Dunton who each went west about the same time (California and New Mexico), both making their names with vivid depictions of the American West.

Ethan Edwards' niece is captured by Comanches and he sets off with his nephew, half-Indian himself, on a long and bitter search. Slowly he begins to reveal more and more about his motives and ultimate objectives to his wary young companion. “In truly great films--the ones that people need to make, the ones that start speaking through them, the ones that keep moving into territory that is more and more unfathomable and uncomfortable--nothing's ever simple or neatly resolved. You're left with a mystery. In its final moment, The Searchers suddenly becomes a ghost story. Ethan's sense of purpose has been fulfilled and…he's destined to wander forever between the winds” - Martin Scorsese.

The Searchers Monument Valley.jpg

United States - 1956 | 119 min.
John Ford
Screenplay: Frank S. Nugent, based on the novel by Alan le may
Cast: John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera miles